Just a typical day in the Rehab business with Unreliable Sub-Contractors....

Wanted to share this BLOG with you guys as it happens day after day in our business and no one ever talks about it.  Everyone talks about the Good (which is what we should talk about), BUT what about the Bad and the Ugly!!!  So decided to share a couple of entertaining examples that I have experienced the last couple of months.

Example #1

So I have been trying to get Glass companies, etc to come by and give me an estimate on this Sunroom, Florida Room (whatever you want to call it). There are about 15 broken window seals which have condensation inside make it difficult to look at the wonderful river view. Little did I know this should have been a little easier than I thought.  15 calls to Glass companies two times-sometimes three just to get them to call me back - only 7 call backs, 5 appointments set, 5 confirmed the day before, and only 2 show up.  Wait it gets better - Out of the two that showed up - One showed up on wrong date and one showed up 2 hours late and Wait there is more….. Neither of the 2 that sat here for over 45 minutes gave me an estimate when they said they would.  I called and emailed and texted and sent certified letters and Morse code…..Nada, Nothing from these inconsiderate $@#$@$@$...... 


So back to drawing board-finally found the company that built this.  2 weeks later I get an estimate for 18K. What would your reaction be to replace 15 pieces of glass? I asked her if this glass is gold plated, has maybe a hidden heating unit inside the glass, diamonds, something to justify your absurd quote.  2 weeks later a phone calls from the company "Hey adam-The owner has never done this before and he really wants to get this job done for you as it's our product.  "He will bring the price down $17,100”.  What do you think I said to them….I can't put on this blog post or might get taken down, but you can get the hint.  "Thanks for the deep deep discount but I am going to pass".  She hasn’t stopped calling me since.

So back to drawing board again - Called my handyman who is an actual Glazier in his real job!!! Got the price of materials down to $1200 and will pay him some money for the labor.  Didn’t go to him in the first place because it's on a

hill and not safe at all but he said he can do it….Win-Win for everyone but it is still not done as of 1/23/16.  Why you ask-Because my handyman is unreliable (LOL)!


Image          Image          Image

Example #2 

The Dreaded Tree Guys is a Sub that no one should ever have to deal with.  If you can watch YouTube and learn how to cut down trees yourselves - then do it.  It will save you Thousands of dollars and migraine headaches!!  It is probably the biggest scam of a business in the world…They have no rhyme or rhythm to how they come up with their prices.  They basically pull them out of their "you know what!!!"  

So I had 2-3 trees that needed to come down at one of my properties.  They were 100% dead and either leaning or hanging over the house.  BTW I did some Periscope videos on this if you want to check them out on my website.  I called about 7 different companies off Home Advisors, Craigslist, Pulled some cards off the bulletin boards at the local hardware store and Referrals from local neighbors.  We had a better percentage of call backs with these guys than the window guys.  7 calls and 7 appointments (CAW!!!).  Only 2 no shows--3 of them 1-3 hours late without a phone call and the other 2 guys an hour early.  Wow…An hour early. 

What goes on is this:  You show them the trees and go through what you want taken down.  They only give you a price to get the trees down to the ground.  Then you have to either have them cut and taken away or cut and leave them for firewood.  I wanted them cut, put in a certain area and split - not leave them cut in the random areas making my life more difficult.  Or else I would have to go through this whole drill again with finding someone to cut and split the wood!!  Then they try to tell you about other trees that don’t have much longer to live.  They point, look up, point some more, and point some more and then come up with a price.  I am very clear with them…I only want these trees that put the house in danger taken down like we discussed and that is it.  So between the 5 that showed some were more professional than others - took notes, pics, made diagrams, etc. Prices came in between $2300-$5000…Yup-that was the range for the same job…

I narrowed it down to one guy and told him he was hired.  Nice guy - didn’t take notes and his price was $2500.  Set a date, asked for his insurance and the day before he sent over insurance which expired 2 years ago.  I said your truck said you’re insured.  What happened?  I told him not to show up.  I will go with someone else.

I called the next guy and he was $2400 and we set a date.  He had to come back with his climber to take another look.  Confirmed - Got insurance - Confirmed the day before and said he was a week behind due to unforeseen circumstances.  *%#@#%^%*^.  What is wrong with you people?  You could have told me that earlier in the week as I have better things to do with my time.  Fired before he even started.            

Went to Tree Company #3…Set a date, price, etc.  He did show up on time with one other guy on the day he was supposed to.  I said: "It's only 2 of you and you plan on doing all this work in one day.  He starts yapping away about how he misread these trees and he does not feel safe climbing them and does not want to use my insurance if one of them falls on the house.  He said that 3 times.  I said clearly "What are you talking about.  You do this for a living - I assume you are a professional which obviously is not the case.  I drove 2 hours to meet you and now you said you misread these trees.  Are you kidding - Stop looking up at the trees Chris - They are not going to change by looking at them.  Hope you head falls off!"  He says "we would need another $1200 to bring a crane in".  I said "Get the hell out of here and I will be sure to review your amazing service you provide".

Back to Square one again and bear in mind winter is coming and we need to get these trees down.  Got another referral for an Arborist - Fancy word for Tree Guy.  He came-He took notes-explained to me what his plan was going to be (the only one that did that).  He hugged these trees, He tasted them, licked them, and french kissed them!!  He priced them right in front of me, had his insurance in hand and we set a date 5 days later.  He was expensive but I know I had the guy that would get this done.  He is exactly what you can imagine a tree guy would look like.  Wrangler Jeans with the big chain wallet, flannel shirt, buck knife holder on his belt, big ass boots, grizzly beard - you get the hint.  But he shows up with one guy.  He says “2 of my guys cancelled on me, hard to get good labor here"  Me: Nooooo Really - Didn’t realize that". It was suppose to be a one day job but they work short hours and took him three days but the job has been done…Thank God....

In Conclusion

Why dont trades want to work anymore is my question?  I have better things to do with my time and they should as well (especially the people that spent 30min-1hr at a property). Why do they advertise on websites that charge money to promote their business?  Why do they take time to post an ad on CL and other sites and not respond to a potential job.  Why do they set appointments and not show up, WHY-WHY-WHY…. I literally can write a book the size of the Webster’s Dictionary about this topic but to be honest we have all been through it and I don’t need to explain it.  What I have learned on this property and others is that you get what you pay and that good workers are hard to find.  That is the moral of this BLOG.  The End…………