Harlem Tragedy Strikes

Harlem Tragedy Strikes

Explosion Causes Two Buildings To Collapse In Manhattan's East Harlem Neighborhood


“It takes time to do investigations, document and voucher evidence and continue with forensics,” said FDNY spokesman Jim Long. The explosion that caused fatal buildings to collapse in Harlem drew attention to the aging pipes beneath city streets and the role various agencies play in monitoring and fixing deteriorating conditions. It was a very gloomy day in Harlem today. The smoke from the explosion of two buildings which collapsed due to a gas leak spread all the way over to the west side. Prayers goes out to the victims who was killed and hurt in this explosion. Details here

House prices rise again as supply issue continues!!

House Prices | Property Buyers Group

Activity is on an upward trend with housing transactions in 2013 exceeding one million for the first time since 2007. The number of mortgage approvals for house purchases – a leading indicator of completed house sales – was 9 per cent higher in the three months to December than in the previous quarter and 30 per cent higher than in the same three months of 2012. Compared to December of last year, January saw house prices increase by 1.1 per cent, following a slight monthly fall of 0.5 per cent in December. Check out the link below about house prices.


Happy Holidays Everyone From Property Buyers Group!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

In the spirit of the holidays we are giving a free Ipad Air once we hit 3000 LIKES on our Facebook page! Share it with your friends and one follower will be randomly selected.

Property Buyers Group is a leader of real estate solutions in the New York Tri-State area. As the area’s premier company of choice for solving tough real estate problems, Property Buyers Group uses its expertise and experience to answer any of your questions and creatively solve any real estate problem you may have.


We Will Bring The Ipad Air To You In This Car!!!

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Real Estate Marketing from Boring to NASCAR!

Real Estate Marketing

Check out how we are changing the real estate marketing game!

As of November 2013, Property Buyers Group announces that they will be utilizing vinyl car wraps as a part of their real estate marketing strategy.

Adam Glassman of Property Buyers Group and Glass Capital Ventures decided to take his father’s 1997 Lexus LS 400 and turn it into a mobile marketing machine. “We want to get deals done as quickly and efficiently as possible,” Glassman said. “We drive all over the Metro area, so why not let others know what we do and how we can help.”

Car wraps have been around for years, but there are no real estate companies currently marketing on the roads like Property Buyers Group. Most companies hang bandit signs within the boroughs of New York and Long Island. There are even quite a few businesses that pound the pavement day and night, knocking on doors, just to get a deal.

“We are looking to do all types of creative marketing so we stand out over the rest of our competition and this we thought is a genius idea as we are always on the road looking at deals and meeting with homeowners. In the 1st few week alone we have already fielded 13 calls,” Glassman said. “Even though 95% of the calls that come in are homeowners looking to sell close to retail, we always try to capitalize by taking the potential listing as another means of income.”

The New York-based real estate investment firm focuses on acquiring single and multifamily properties in the Boroughs of New York and Long Island that are distressed and in need of renovation.



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