Blog Posts for March 2014

City to replace boilers in Sandy-damaged public housing


New York City public housing boilers damaged during Hurricane Sandy will be replaced using a $100 million cash infusion from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. The funds will go to 60 boilers in 110 NYCHA buildings, where temporary installations were made following the hurricane at a cost to the city of around $56 million. You can check out more info on this story here


Get Ready! South Williamsburg is Booming!

South Williamsburg Is Booming!
south williamsburg


South Williamsburg is teeming with new development, said a story in The New York Post. The 40-story hotel going up at 159 Broadway next to the beautifully restored South Williamsburgh Savings Bank will break ground “in a year,” said a manager involved in the project. With new businesses and buildings sprouting up and at least a dozen or sizable developments in the works “the neighborhood has changed more in the last eight to nine months than in the last eight years,” said a decade-long resident. More on this story here

Harlem Tragedy Strikes

Harlem Tragedy Strikes

Explosion Causes Two Buildings To Collapse In Manhattan's East Harlem Neighborhood


“It takes time to do investigations, document and voucher evidence and continue with forensics,” said FDNY spokesman Jim Long. The explosion that caused fatal buildings to collapse in Harlem drew attention to the aging pipes beneath city streets and the role various agencies play in monitoring and fixing deteriorating conditions. It was a very gloomy day in Harlem today. The smoke from the explosion of two buildings which collapsed due to a gas leak spread all the way over to the west side. Prayers goes out to the victims who was killed and hurt in this explosion. Details here