How to Expand Your Real Estate Network!

It's always great to EXPAND your Real Estate Investing Network. That means going out to networking events in your town (local REIA's, Connected Investor, Chamber of Commerce, etc), hanging out at the local real estate school, swinging by Home Depot in the morning or even taking out some new Fortune Builder Students and showing them some of your properties (which is PRICELESS - and which is what I did on this past Holiday Weekend (No Comment!!!)

When Fortune Builders called and said "Adam-We have new students coming in for Immersion Training-Are you available to go along with instructor Dan McCutchen and line up some properties to tour?"

What do you think I am going to say?  "Absolutely not......It's Passover and Easter and I have plans.  Just kidding.  Would love to help you guys out anytime." (Which I have done in the past).

As you may or may not know I live in NYC so I need to leave nice and early because traffic is terrible on the Long Island Expressway anytime day or night and I have no idea if it could take 45 minutes or 3 hours to get out to the Hilton in Melville-Long Island where the magic was happening....Bear in mind I was out in the same area of Long Island for Passover with my family 9 hours before I had to be out again at 9am.  I show up in the classroom at 830am and I meet Dan and look around the room and there is 1 other person in the room.  I look at him and say "1 Student Dan-Great Showing - This is going to be awesome".  Boy was I wrong.  

23 students showed up like there was an Easter Egg hunt going on.  My eyes light up as I am thinking 23 potential new buyers, 23 potential new wholesalers, 23 potential NEW DAILY LEADS for me, 23 potential new emails and phone calls (ughhhh-lol), You get the hint...    


We toured three of our properties that were in the vicinity of each other-I gave them the lowdown and let Dan run the show (and a good show it was)

  • First Stop-Syosset-Small cape we are about to convert to a colonial with a 200k renovation budget
  • Second Stop-Freeport-Property that is just about on the finish line-almost complete
  • Third Stop-Lawrence-Property is down to studs with all Rough-in complete-Live Worksite   


In Conclusion: I met 23 motivated, excited, and ready to conquer the world students.  Am I happy about that, No!  They are my competition down the road but for now they are in my circle.  I can tell you that they know by now my company Property Buyers Group are active buyers and wholesalers in the Long Island area. And I know we will be their first call when the time comes when they are looking to wholesale or JV their first property.  And this is one great way to EXPAND YOUR NETWORK..