A New Futuristic Hotel Coming To Williamsburg

The upcoming futuristic hotel named "The Level Hotel" is set to be built at 55 Wyth Ave between North 12 and 13 Streets. Only two years after the Wyth Hotel opened up its doors in Williamsburg, the 320.000 Sq ft colossal is rumored to feature 183 "luxury" rooms and plenty of retail space. Adding to its space-like image the hotel will feature a 20,000 sq ft farm on the rooftop providing fresh produce. To give it more of a cultural feel, On July 1st artists who reside or work in Brooklyn, and submit their sculptures via  website to have a shot at a $200,000 budget to create their work that will displayed in the hotels lobby. The time tables may change but "The Level Hotel" is aiming to be completed by the end of this year.